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What are the Signs and Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition that relates to deficiency in social interaction and communication skills. As autism involves a range of symptoms, this condition is also called as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Parents are often puzzled as to what causes autism or its spectrum?

Autism spectrum disorder is a range condition that surface due to improper brain development in the foetal stage. The child appear to develop normally in the first two years, but go through regression between (18 and 24 months) when they develop autism symptoms. Autism or autism spectrum disorder begins in early childhood causing functional complications in school and at home while impacting the child’s ability to perceive and socialize with people, causing drawbacks in their communication and social interaction.

When to See a Doctor

What causes autism spectrum disorder?  The term ‘spectrum’ of autism refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity. Parents with a concern about their child's development often discuss their concerns with the doctor about autism spectrum disorder. As the kids develop at their own pace, it is important to see if they reach their milestones at the given time. The doctor may recommend various developmental tests to identify if your child has autism or whether they are just normal delays. 

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Some of the signs of autism spectrum disorder are:

  •      Does not respond with a smile 
  •          Fails to gesture or wave
  •          Devoid of social skills
  •          Does not respond to when called
  •         Shows a delay in speech development
  •          Avoid physical touch like patting or hugging


What causes autism spectrum disorder?  Genetic and environmental factors plays contributing part in the risk of Autism in children.
  •   Genetics: Different genes are said to be involved in causing autism spectrum disorders. Some children are linked with genetic disorders due to genetic changes or mutations of the genes which result in under-development of the brain. Some genetic mutations are hereditary, while others occur spontaneously. Thus, the disorder occurs due to defect in the genes and also on how they interact with one another. 

  • Environmental: At times, viral infections, harmful drugs, addiction of alcohol or drugs in expectant mothers, early birth or complications during pregnancy/delivery, etc., play a role in triggering autism spectrum disorder in new-borns. Children exposed to electromagnetic radiation can experience brain cell damage.  

There is no way to prevent autism spectrum disorder! It is important to know what causes autism or about the right way to take care of the kids born with the spectrum.  Early diagnosis and intervention can improve the child’s adverse behaviour, language skills and help him/her to outgrow the autism spectrum disorder symptoms.  For more information about the various causes of autism, do visit:

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