Friday, 24 May 2019

Dance Therapy Works For The Core Deficits Of Autism

Parents and caretakers of children with autism, constantly seek alternative therapies to support and to help them regain their fullest potential. Dance therapy is a program based on the body movement that works to conquer the core deficits of autism.
Children with autism deal with many challenges! As they have limited verbal communication, they invest their interest in objects rather than in the people around them. They also at times become agitated due to their over-stimulated sensory system.
Dance therapy is an attuned therapeutic process where the therapists work with individuals, focusing on their specific needs. With this form of creative therapy, the therapists use the expressive elements of steps as an intervention to improve various physical and social disorder found in individuals with autism. The goal of a dance therapy for autism is not only to teach various nimble steps but to focus on it as an exercise session for the development of the person’s motor skill and physical posture.
The therapists work with a small group of people, observing their movement and instigating them to be socially active with other participants.  When with other kids on the dance floor, the group moves together in uniform steps, holding hands and twisting to the tune in a unifying rhythm. The dance therapy for autism gives them the sense of being joined together in a joyful and revitalizing way.  In a dance, turning towards each other and offering a hand is just like a spontaneous greeting that occurs non-verbally, which may turn into a wave and may grow into a verbal expression, “hi,” gradually.
Parents and caregivers are also invited to participate, thus helping in a better quality of parent/child relationship. They can also conduct this dance therapy at home with proper steps provided by the therapists. For information on the best dance therapist in your locality visit: HERE
Supportive therapies such as dance therapy, aquatic therapy, etc., along with a perfect diet plan hasten the recovery in children with autism.
Apart from enhanced verbal expression and positive social interaction, a dance therapy for autism has surfaced amazing recovery in areas like motor function, coordination and balance. The goal of dance therapy is to adopt the ‘dances & relationship’ pattern to treat children.

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