Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Best Apps For Autism To Help Families Navigate Daily Challenges

Autism is a developmental disorder in which individuals face challenges in their language, social skill, behavior, and thinking. The symptoms of these challenges are visible before age three. If parents suspect their child of having these traits, it is advisable to consult a health care provider.
Autism Connect is a complete guide for parents and children facing the consequences of autism. Their website provides valuable information about service to the autism community. The data includes recommendations of some of the best apps for autism, books, treatment methods (conventional and complementary). For all their members and followers, spread across the globe, they present a special autism directory. 
This accurate autism directory is a useful resource for families and professionals. From health, therapies, and education, the autism directory provides addresses of special schools and therapists within easy reach of families. To get the details, one just has to visit the directory, enter the details about the country, state, and city and lastly select the type of service needed.
The sole aim of this autism directory is to offer support to the autism families in any part of the world. 
In many cases, autism affects the development of language/speech and social skills. This impacts the child’s approach toward focus and learning. It is therefore important to provide children with autism tools such as apps to help them gain the essential, reading, recognition and cognitive skills. 
These apps are compatible with phones like iPhones, iPads, and androids. They are easy to use, light and can be easily carried.
A large number of educational apps help in developing the child’s potential. They are formatted in a story form or to be played like games. Some of the apps have fun mascots that make learning interesting and full of fun. 
Some of the best apps for autism available at Autism Connect includes - 

1. ABA Programs for Kids with Autism: A guide for parents and caregivers

Applicable for iWatch, iPad and iPhone, this ‘paid’ app is a valuable guide for parents of children with behavioural problems. It has 25 ABA programs together with useful tips to help a child with autism. 

2. Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

One can easily download the free app, Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism on iPhone, iWatch, and iPad. Developed by See Beneath, this app is in a simplified animation form that children find very engaging. It has been proved beneficial in managing many developmental levels of autism.

3. Autimo - Discover emotions

The name itself suggests that this app helps the child to learn about facial expressions and emotions. Easy to download on Android, this free app displays more than 50 coloured pictures and enjoyable activities including spot the differences and match the pairs. 
Some of the best apps for autism are designed for individuals two years old to adults. They are interesting, informative and easy to navigate. 

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