Friday, 22 November 2019

Know About Autism-related Problems In Children

Every person with autism has problems with his/her communication and social skills. Known as a ‘spectrum of disorder’, the associate problems with autism can vary in various stages of severity. The children exhibit interest in particular things (watching their favorite cartoon show on television, playing with only preferred toys), or in repetitive behavior (flipping objects, running around) and do not like changes in their daily routine. They also have sensory problems towards certain texture/color of food, sound, light, taste and avoid being touched.
Autism Related Problems
Children with autism suffer from various problems, such as:
Sensory Problems 
Children with autism either over-react or under-react to sensory stimuli like smell, touch, vision and sound. At times they play deaf when called and at other instances, they get disturbed and react violently to even the slightest sound. They also tend to be sensitive to touch and cringe to the certain texture of fabric, paints or even a friendly hug.
Pica Problem
Known as one of the most harmful associated problems with autism, the unique behavior of ‘pica’ inspire the individuals to consume non-food items like mud, chalk, hair, paint, clay, or chew on pencils. This problem occurs due to various reasons:
  • This type of problem is similar to repetitive behavior (spinning) in which the individuals enjoy consuming non-food items.
  • Individuals are unable to differentiate between food and non-food items.
  • Genuine cravings and nutritional deficiency (iron or zinc) give rise to pica problem.
Problem With Learning Abilities
Learning disability in autism affects the intellect of individuals where they face difficulties in interacting with others, adapting to different situations, and controlling their behavior. The most common behaviors seen in individuals with a learning disability are:
  • Stereotyped behaviors (rocking the body)
  • Self-injury (banging head on the wall)
  • Epilepsy
In contrast to the above associate learning problems with autism, some of the children also fall under savant category where they excel in various subjects.
Sleep Disorder
Sleep disorder in children is one of the commonly diagnosed problems with autism. This problem is linked to restlessness, irregular sleep pattern, and difficulty falling asleep. These patterns can lead to problems which include reduced cognitive and learning skills, anger, depression and irritation.
How To Help Children Lead A Better Life
Various therapies and medications help to provide relief from various problems with autism.  Parents must visit a doctor as soon as they detect the symptoms of autism for safe and effective treatment, according to their needs and complications.

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